Cafe Bridge

What is Café Bridge?

A typical café bridge event is a duplicate pairs bridge game set up over multiple cafés and restaurants. Pairs move to a new venue after each round, guided by a movement card or roadbook, while board sets remain on their starting tables throughout. The registration fee typically covers vouchers which are valid for refreshments at the venues, either for a single lunch or for a drink at each stop, depending on the style of event.

Café bridge has a social component, whether by raising money for a good cause, attracting sponsorship for bridge from regional institutions, or gaining custom for local businesses. Café drives also help make bridge visible to the wider public, thereby encouraging more people to consider taking it up. is run by Victor Lesk, who    is developing a resource for Café Bridge. 

There you can find information about café bridge, as well as a schedule of café bridge drives and bridge rallies happening around London, the south-east of England, and neighbouring countries.